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You know, when you're scanning documents for work, it helps to press the scan button instead of staring at the machine and wondering why it isn't working.

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- So, the continuing story of my fic drama of last night:

I am at work right now, I checked my email - it was quarantined because of offensive language...*headdesk* No one will look at it, but it will be purged in 7 days. I'm so not asking IT to go get it. A good note thought, the txt file is still saved.

So, I printed out a copy for myself and I used a personal email before I started my shift to send the text to another personal email.


- I was very happy to wake-up this morning and see one of my stories was rec'd on [ profile] crack_van! Clicky here!

- I also signed up for [ profile] mini_nanowrimo! I even increased my word count this year from 100 words a day to 300. This shall be itneresting. :D

- There is some major house keeping I need to do on my[ profile] ateamfanfic comm. Good thing it's a long weekend





Oct. 6th, 2011 11:34 pm
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Oh crap, oh crap, oh crap!

I worked on a fic at work during my break and sent it to my personal email and IT'S NOT THERE!!!! *cue panic and flailing*

And I can't remember if I deleted it or not from my computer at work. *flails some more*

*runs around*





I did so much work on it and was so happy with how it turned out, I can only hope it's still in my sent folder at work or I didn't delete the txt I saved.


Sep. 28th, 2011 03:09 pm
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It has been completely dead all day long and in the last hour I've had 12 files dropped on my desk to close and 4 files to open. O.o

wtf ppl!
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I went for a job interview on monday, now it's a term position, but it's a term position for a year! And I just found out today I GOT IT!!


Same company, same position, just a different location and department!

*bounces around* EEEEEEEEEEE!!!!


Jun. 13th, 2011 09:49 am
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So here I am sitting at a clinic all because I had the misfortune to fall off a two step stool at work while I was filing and I hurt my ankle. My poor ankle I've used and abused it over the years. Please note I've hurt the same ankle before O.o Clearly the universe is out to get me.

I am currently feeling like Beetlejuice from the Beetlejuice movie. They just called out 55 and I'm #90...

UPDATE: so I just saw the triage doctor, finally, 3 hrs later. I now have to wait for an X-ray which is going to take another 2-3 hrs. Srsly, my life.
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Remember my job situation I talked about last time.

Well, I am sad to say I did not get that permanent position. *sad face* And my term ends this friday...well it did. :D

I managed to get a temp position at a service centre as a Clerk 2 for 2 months with an option to get it extended. \o/ I just have to work really hard and it'll be nice to go back to the Service Centre's. More moving around and I won't be sitting on my butt all day long at a phone. :D
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So, I just had the interview and I think it went really well! I got along with them and we got some jokes cracking. :D

And it's for a permanent position!

So fingers are crossed and hopefully I'll hear something soon!
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So, my shift ended yesterday at 3:30pm. Darn early shift! *mock shakes fist*

I come in this morning to see after I left, I was sent an appointment for today at 10:30 for an the mail warehousing department...I applied for it, but, it's kinda like...huh...

I do not feel prepared. lol

I may be panicking slightly...O.o

*takes deep breath*

I can do this! ^_^b
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So today, I moved from my current work place to my old work place. I haven't changed departments or anything like that, it's just, the building I was in, was sold and they finally moved our department to the downtown main office where I used to work.

There's no such thing as free parking downtown, so it's back to the bus for me. :(

But today, it felt like I saw everyone I knew or met and their mother. lol

I ran into one of my Dad's friend who has known me since I was little and I haven't seen him in a couple of years. It was a good meet and greet, Lloyd, that's my dad's friend is always so friendly and has a kind word for you. So it cheered me up too from me being all mopy about taking the bus.

After that, I ran into a bunch of IT guys I knew. O.o We chitchatted, this was all done on my breaks and lunchhour, but it was like everyone was coming out of the woodworks.

Then I ran into a bunch of my former co-workers from the Driver Education and Road Safety Department I used to be a part of as well!

Now, my uncle works in the same building and I said I would say hi to him, but when I went to his desk, he sadly wasn't there. His jacket was, so I'm assuming he stepped away for a bit, I left him a message on his whiteboard. ;)

Then afterwork, we have all of these walkways, so you really don't have to walk outside downtown and I ran into a past co-worker! Holy crap! We talked for a bit, but then I had to go because I had to catch my bus home.

Now on the bus...yes, I ran into some one on the bus, two someones, but let's talk about the first someone first. :D

His name is Stewie, no he's not a cartoon character, and he plays Rugby for the men's team my dad used to play for. He's a year older than me, but we always get along really well. So we were chitchatting on the bus and he kept proclaiming how tired he was and then proceeded to use my shoulder as a pillow. The silly scot. Oh yes, he's Scottish. But he has a fiancee. Grr!

He gets off and then I hear a 'Hi Carrie', I look to my right and somehow I did not notice I was sitting next to my high school rugby coach...O.o

So we chit chatted until her stop. :D

Yeah, it was a really interesting day. lol

I am also going to go see Tron: Legacy and Tangled this weekend. :D


Dec. 2nd, 2010 01:00 pm
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So, most of the programs we use at work here has suffered a company wide power surge.

And now there is nothing to do, because I can't do my work.

I could be enterings things into a database (which is on an Excel spreadsheet), because that work has piled up, but oh woe, whatever shall I do? *puts hand to forehead and swoons dramatically*


Oct. 16th, 2010 08:55 pm
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I'd like to say, at the company I work at:


My benefits are now upgraded to full/permanent benefits, instead of the full/term benefits plan I was on.

I now need to hunt for a permanent position...*stalks*


Oct. 1st, 2010 01:20 pm
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Just grrr.

I work at the equivalent of a DVL appointment booking centre here in Manitoba, we call it DEAC (Driver Examination Appointment Centre).

Today, it's been, people will book their test, all booked up and as I'm explaining what they need to bring, remind them of the time and where they're going; they frickin' change their minds about their appointment time. "Oh, can I get the 2:30 time instead of the 8:45am time?"


I just booked your test, I went through everything and now you want to change your time?!?!!?

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You know, as much as Due South portrayed Canadian's in an interesting viewpoint, I've never really heard my fellow Canadians say 'Thank You kindly' until today when I was finding out the time for a road test appointment. lol
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So, the last week at work has been craziness and people are just generally stupid.

I've been working at the switchboard phone all this week, as well as the Total Loss Desk (I work in car insurance) and working on some payments.

Well, people are stupid, adjuster's don't answer their phones, their voice mails are full and the stupid phone wouldn't stop ringing! I think Thursday was the only day it was kinda quiet.

Also, yesterday I nearly get my head bitten off by this old guy over the phone for asking for information to take to my manager to he could look over the claim and be prepared to talk to this guy when I transferred him over, I never said anything about not letting him talk to the manager.

"That's not how I do things."

No claim, no name. Nothing from this guy and he keeps yelling at me for just asking him to get some information. Because we are a company that deals with information.

So, I'm pretty upset by this point and frustrated and angry. I quickly get out a 'Please hold.' press hold and I let him wait for a few minutes while I compose myself and then go find a supervisor or manager to deal with the asshat (yes sarah, I am using that word, because it's appropriate).

It's been a stressful week and I am glad I got Friday off.

Tuesday night, I saw Predators with a friend who is a major Predators fan.

Spoilers for Predators film under cut )

And now, for the song that's been stuck in my head all week, even if the song is from 1964, I knew about the group who sang the song, but I never knew what they looked like and the voice coming out of this kid, holy crap!

House of the Rising Sun - The Animals )
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You might be asking why today is such a good day for work today...well...guy I have a tiny little crush on is here today. He's one of the regional driver examiners and he's very, very cute! The only downside, he's I shall carry my pining from afar...alas! *swoons*

The reason he's here today is because the lead driver examiner is in the hospital for a virus or something, something leftover from his surgery to his hand, so I hope John is okay.

But yeah, upside and downside to today with that, so John better get well soon and for now I get to oogle Matt through the garage tinted windows when he walks by. :)
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So, all the systems are down at work, especially the programs we use, except the internet! Guess who has free reign? *cackles* ME!

So, I'm bored and I only can let cars in the garage right now, but there's a bit of a lull, someone, entertain me, please? :D
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Okay, so I work in the garage right now of a claims centre, where you bring in your car to claim damages done to you in an accident.

Now, it's not quite an Impala, but the year is the same, some guy just brought in a '67 Lincoln and man is the vehicle long! It's like a boat!

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Yeah, so technology and me don't mix today.

I just broke one of the printers in the office today. lol Was printing a simple document, have done it at least a hundred times before and it jammed up the printer. All of the clerks took a go at it for about 45 mins.

No dice.

So yeah, gotta call a tech now and get it fixed.
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So my promised days of reporting about my work have come and gone and I feel bad.

So I shall report now!

I work in the Driver Licensing deptartment now. But I don't do any of the front desk work.

When I have free time I supervise the written test area and my main duty is to chase the motorcycles in the motorcycle testing van. :D

Basically we fit the motorcyclist with a walkie-talkie and an earpiece. The other walkie-talkie is in the van with myself and the driver examiner. The driver examiner gives instructions out on what to do and I chase the motorcyclist. :D

It's actually very fun! And the examiner I work with is a very nice guy. Inbetween instructions we chit-chat and listen to music.

Today was especially nice when a bunch of cute guys came in for testing, one after another, wearing jeans with leather chaps over them. They had taken the course together and decided to test together on the same day, but...



*ahem and wipes drool*

So yeah, fun job with some perks. *grins*


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