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So, I have too many Skippy (Mike Carden/Kevin Jonas pairing) plot ideas, lol

I'm about 1500 words into the story and I realize, I need random trainer's for them to come across.

So what better way then asking for some fun self-inserts from flist! :) It's meant to be fun and in no way mocking.

Pokemon is a fun, kid's show but it does have some seriousness to it, especially if you watch the movies.

I already have pokemon picked out for Mike and Kevin and a couple of future trainer's. ;)

If you are interested in doing this, just leave whatever Trainer name you want in the story, a list of pokemon you want on your team (only six allowed, no legendaries!) and a brief blurb on your character.

List of Pokemon here to choose from

Pokemon Picked Out So Far )


Oct. 26th, 2011 11:12 pm
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I have finally finished my mix for the [ profile] bandomreversebb! YAY!

Now to see if I can get cover art to work with it. lol
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Masterpost/Disclaimer Here

Title: The City Is At War Pt 1.
Summary: It’s a prank war of epic proportions!
Prompt/Song: TAI/Jonas vs rest of Decaydance - winner takes it all

Drabble 30 )

Title: The City is at War Pt2
Summary: Cobra Starship usually didn’t kidnap small children – usually.
Prompt/Song: TAI/Jonas vs rest of Decaydance - winner takes it all

Drabble 31 )

Title: The City Is At War Pt3.
Summary: Frankie gets his wings and is taken home.
Prompt/Song: Gabe gets Frankie back to his family, By Aki

Drabble 32 )

Title: Wise
Summary: Mike tells tales of fairies of old and Frankie comes to a conclusion
Prompt/Song: Frankie goes shy when Mike comes over to visit on the bus, not wanting to show off his wings to him, By Aki and sparrow

Drabble 33 )

Title: Public Outing
Summary: Kevin and Mike – a day out.
Prompt/Song: Mike/Kevin - public outing

Drabble 34 )

Title: Halloween
Summary: Mike’s not sure how this happened, only that his boyfriend was evil.
Prompt/Song: Mike/Kevin, Pete's halloween party, costumes and wings. By aki

Drabble 35 )

Title: Re-Kidnapping
Summary: Gabe re-kidnaps the youngest Jonas
Prompt/Song: Gabe re-kidnaps the youngest Jonas, By Aki

Drabble 36 )

Title: Drumming
Summary: Frankie has wings, Nate is a drumming god. There are lessons.
Prompt/Song: Frankie and Nate drumming lessons

Drabble 37 )

Title: Weather
Summary: Nick Jonas comes to Chicago and is looked after TAI.
Prompt/Song: TAI, Nick, Snow, By Aki

Drabble 38 )

Title: Blue Is Not the New Hypothermia
Summary: Nick’s physiology makes it impossible for him to get cold during winter, he just forgot to mention that to the rest of the TAI guys.
Prompt/Song: TAI finds out Nick doesn't get cold in winter weather. :D, By Aki and sparrow

Drabble 39 )

Title: Air
Summary: Joe and his brothers go flying around their stage set up.
Prompt/Song: Joe: a true wingman, (Oh boy, wingman, eh? O.o)

Drabble 40 )

Title: Stage
Summary: Joe shows off for the crowd.
Prompt/Song:Joe: showman

Drabble 41 )

Title: Glow
Summary: When Joe’s happy, he glows. He glows a lot around Pete Wentz.
Prompt/Song: Joe, FOB bus, glow, By aki

Drabble 42 )

Title: Honey
Summary: Mike finds out another quirk of Kevin’s fae physiology.
Prompt/Song: Mike/Kevin: care and maintenance of fey

Drabble 43 )

Title: Sprain
Summary: Kevin comes home with a sprained wing
Prompt/Song: Mike/Kevin: sprained wing,By aki

Drabble 44 )

Title: Closet Geek
Summary: Mike finds out a dirty secret of Kevin’s.
Prompt/Song: Mike/Kevin: closet geek :)

Drabble 45 )

Title: Watching
Summary: Mike watches his boyfriend in action.
Prompt/Song: Mike finally watches JONAS with the TAI guys. ,By Aki

Drabble 46 )

Title: The PHM
Summary: With any new thing there’s always trouble makers.
Prompt/Song: Dealing with the anti-fairy types

Drabble 47 )

Title: Shenanigans
Summary: Another quirk is discovered about Kevin’s fae physiology
Prompt/Song: Wacky Fairy Shenanigans, By aki

Drabble 48 )

Title: Shoulder Rubs
Summary: Mike attempts to give Kevin a shoulder rub.
Prompt/Song: Skippy, shoulder rubs

Drabble 49 )

Title: Hay Fever
Summary: Seasons affecting fairies.
Prompt/Song: Skippy, TAI, the season affecting fairies, By Aki

Drabble 50 )

Title: Twirling
Summary: YouTube sucks, that’s all Kevin can say.
Prompt/Song: Mike/Kevin - small comfort

Drabble 51 )

Title: Contemplation
Summary: Joe contemplates his fae-ness late at night.
Prompt/Song: Joe waking up with the wings, seeing Nick blue, finding out he can glow and Kevin's glitter, By Aki

Drabble 52 )

Title: On Set
Summary: Kevin takes the time to explain things Fae with Nicole and Chelsea on set of JONAS.
Prompt/Song: alternative, on set with three Fae.

Drabble 53 )
sparrow015: (Skippy: Mike & Kevin 02)
Masterpost/Disclaimer Here

Title: Fae
Summary: Kevin Jonas wakes up a bit different in the morning.
Prompt/Song: 2000: Bron Y Aur Stomp - Led Zepplin, band!crack :)

Drabble #1 )

Title: Coping
Summary: Nick coming to terms.
Prompt/Song:4567: Epic - Faith No More, Skippy, band!crack Fairy AU, Nick: coping

Drabble #2 )

Title: Meeting
Summary: Nicole Anderson meets the Jonas Brothers.
Prompt/Song:9000: Last Unicorn - Loreena McKennitt, Skippy, band!crack Fairy AU, Nicole: likewise

Drabble #3 )

Title: Glitter Bombs
Summary: Mike’s band finds out about his crush.
Prompt/Song:6166: Stand Out - A Goofy Movie, Skippy, band!crack Fairy AU

Drabble #4 )

Title: No, Really, Glitter Bombs
Summary: Kevin meets Mike’s band.
Prompt/Song:97: The Age of Not Believing - Angela Lansbury, Skippy, band!crack Fairy AU - new beginnings

Drabble #5 )

Title: Floating
Summary: Kevin finds out certain side effects of kissing Mike Carden
Prompt/Song:555: As Lovers Go (Ron Fair Remix) - Dashboard Confessional, covered in glitter :D

Drabble #6 )

Title: Morning After
Summary: It’s the morning after.
Prompt/Song:715: At Last - Christine Aguilera, morning after :DDD

Drabble #7 )

Title: Cockblocker
Summary: Glitter does not belong in coffee cups.
Prompt/Song:1473: I Fought The Law: The Clash, by aki

Drabble #8 )

Title: Meeting Family
Summary: Kevin brings Mike home to meet his family
Prompt/Song:3033: wish you were here: hey Monday, By aki

Drabble #9 )

Title: TAI TV Presents!
Summary: TAI TV has a new episodes, it’s subject - Jonasis Kevinus.
Prompt/Song: I’m in a chipper free for all, 471: pixie: ani di franco, By aki

Drabble #10 )

Title: Laugh It Up, Glowworm
Summary: Nick and Joe and a little family time
Prompt/Song: I need my head checked, 1161: song2: blur, By Aki

Drabble #11 )

Title: Maintenance
Summary: The care and maintenance of wings
Prompt/Song:4141: My Buddy (Alvino Rey Orchestra) - Arcade Fire, wings, Joe and Nick and Kevin: care and maintenance of wings

Drabble #12 )

Title: Celebrity Crush
Summary: Mike muses on the fact he has a boyfriend now
Prompt/Song: Smile, 5005: Shut Up and Smile - Bowling For Soup, Mike

Drabble #13 )

Title: Sleeping Beauty
Summary: Mike watches Kevin sleep
Prompt/Song: Sleeping Beauty, 7: About Today - The National, about them - fairy tale romance

Drabble #14 )

Title: Cinderella
Summary: Kevin and Mike go out on a date
Prompt/Song: Cinderella, 14: Part Of My Life - India Arie, about them - fairy tale romance

Drabble #15 )

Title: Rapunzel
Summary: A photo shoot doesn’t go exactly right
Prompt/Song: Rapunzel, 21: Back in Black - AC/DC, about them - fairy tale romance

Drabble #16 )

Title: Snow White
Summary: The boys have a fight and Mike makes his way to Kevin’s house to apologize.
Prompt/Song: Snow White, 28: The Author - The Academy Is..., about them - fairy tale romance

Drabble #17 )

Title: Ears
Summary: Mike finds out just how sensitive Kevin’s pointed ears are
Prompt/Song: We were just slipping along, 3306: Teflon – Jebediah, By Aki

Drabble #18 )

Title: Sick
Summary: Mike’s sick and Kevin takes care of him.
Prompt/Song:3030: Goodbye Earl - Dixie Chicks, in company

Drabble #19 )

Title: Molting
Summary: It’s not fun and games until there’s some molting
Prompt/Song: Speaking Fairy, aki

Drabble #20 )

Title: Fragalicious
Summary: Mike finally comes on tour with the JoBros.
Prompt/Song: Mike/Kevin, on JoBros bus, video games, By Aki

Drabble #21 )

Title: Dinner
Summary: Mike is invited over to the Jonas house for a dinner.
Prompt/Song: Kevin/Mike: family dinner and awkward conversation

Drabble #22 )

Title: Joining Forces
Summary: Frankie and Mike combine forces to prank, Joe, Nick and Kevin.
Prompt/Song: Mike and Frankie, joining forces, By aki

Drabble #23 )

Title: Stage
Summary: Mike sees the stage on which Kevin performs.
Prompt/Song: TAI watches JoBros perform (think how different the stage design would be because they have wings. :D), By Aki

Drabble #24 )

Title: Meeting the Boss
Summary: Kevin finally meets Pete Wentz, Fairy enthusiast.
Prompt/Song: Kevin/Mike, meeting Pete, By Aki

Drabble #25 )

Title: Mortified
Summary: "Oh my god, did you just fairy come all over me?"
Prompt/Song: Kevin/Mike, Pete and glitter, By Aki

Drabble #26 )

Title: It Went National
Summary: Pete gets a little chatty on air and Mike plots Pete’s death.
Prompt/Song: Pete tells the story of fairy bukkake on national tv., By Aki

Drabble #27 )

Title: Glitter Explosion
Summary: Mike’s not sure how to handle this situation. Frankie steps up to the plate!
Prompt/Song: After Pete talks on national tv, Kevin doesn’t want to glitter anymore, holding it in makes him sick, By Aki

Drabble #28 )

Title: Retaliation
Summary: Frankie plots Pete Wentz’s downfall.
Prompt/Song: Mike and Frankie, retaliation against Pete Wentz., By Aki

Drabble #29 )
sparrow015: (Skippy: Mike & Kevin 02)
Series: Fairy 'Verse
Author: Sparrow & [ profile] akire_yta
Fandom: Skippy (Kevin Jonas/Mike Carden pairing)
Characters: Kevin Jonas, Mike Carden, Nick Jonas, Joe Jonas, Frankie Jonas, Bill Beckett, Adam 'Sisky' T. Siska,, Michael Guy Chislett, Andrew 'The Butcher' Mrotek, Gabe Saporta, Ryland Blackington, Victoria Asher, Nate Novarro, Adam Suarez, Jonas Sr., Pete Wentz
Rating: 14A
Disclaimer/Warnings: I do not own the Jonas Brothers or The Academy Is..., this is a m/m pairing oriented series, if this offends you, then don't read.
Summary: A series of snippets and drabbles of a larger 'verse that might never get written, but the idea is: The Fairy World was emerging once more in the human world and anybody who had a drop of fairy blood was having strange things happen to him. Pointed ears, wings, even different coloured skin. Kevin Jonas and his brothers are ones affected and now have to get through their lives different.
Author Note: This started in my July Music Is My Boyfriend Meme and [ profile] akire_yta asking for band!crack. Many drabbles later and this little world has grown, even if it's not a full story, they are mostly connected to each other and some are just stand alone. It was completely fun writing this and even [ profile] akire_yta joined in for a few drabbles that are just amazing! I hope you enjoy them!
Author Note 2: Any stories written by [ profile] akire_yta are noted.
Author Note 3: An idea on how I think the wings look like on the Jonas brothers. Here and here.
Author Note 4: None of the drabbles are beta'd, I ran them through a spellchecker, but I wanted to keep them as they were written. So any mistakes there you see, sorry!

Story links under cut )

Pimp Post

Aug. 28th, 2011 08:02 pm
sparrow015: (Fandom Exploded)

Every fandom needs some good merfolk!AU. Come join the Merfolk Ficathon, where our characters get wet and awesome. Whether you like your merfolk realistic or cracky, this is the ficathon to let them loose in the water. Author sign ups last from August 5th to October 1st. A helpful prompt round will be in effect from August 5th to August 31st.


[ profile] bandomreversebb is like a regular big bang, but in reverse! Artists and mixers create pieces, which are posted anonymously and claimed by authors who will write a story inspired by the art or fanmix. The kinks are still being worked out, but go vote and let people know you are interested!


Jul. 26th, 2011 10:16 pm
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I just got tapped on the shoulder to drive the van in [ profile] crack_van for bandom...


This should be interesting. :D

*goes to start putting a list together*


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