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Title: Here Comes Murdock Cottontail
Author: Sparrow
Fandom: A Team TV series
Characters: HM Murdock and Templeton ‘Face’ Peck
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: I do not own the A Team; I just like playing in their ‘verse.
Spoilers: Basic understanding of the A Team ‘verse
Author’s Note: Written for the [ profile] ateamfanfic fanfic challenge #2. Many thanks to [ profile] winks7985 for the wonderful beta!
Summary: Face goes to pick up Murdock from the VA and finds an infestation instead.

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Title: Five Times Murdock Crossed Over
Author: Sparrow
Fandom: The A Team, Highlander, Dollhouse, Supernatural, The Sentinel and The Magnificent Seven: ATF
Characters: HM Murdock, Methos, mention of JD Dunne and various original characters.
Rating: PG14
Disclaimer: I do not own Highlander, Dollhouse, Supernatural, The Sentinel and The Magnificent Seven: ATF. They belong to their respective owners.
Author Note: Major thanks to [ profile] strangevisitor7 for the wonderful beta! As this is my first foray into writing any kind of A-Team fanfic, please be kind. ;) Written for the first [ profile] ateamfanfic challenge. Timelines and technology were messed around with to fit into the fics.
Spoilers: Just basic understanding of the various ‘verses that are appearing in this story.
Summary: Murdock from The A Team, crosses over in five different ‘verses.

Highlander )

Dollhouse )

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So, I've been having a bad day the past couple of days, just been getting a couple of things wrong in this new position I've been learning that I know and I'm kicking myself.

Working the late shift this week and it feels fast, yet long at the same time. I so cannot wait until it's friday.

I think the only highlight of my week, other than talking to online friends has been getting some writing done on my friend's b-day fic and...wait for it...

I met [ profile] crantz last night! For the first time EVAR!!!


The cricket was staying the night in Winnipeg, he lives in Brandon, btw - which is like the closest city to Winnipeg, to go to San Antonio. Picked him up and kidnapped him for Mongo's where food was consumed, chit-chat was exchanged.

I was soooo excited by this meeting as I had been wanting to meet [ profile] crantz for years and years! 10 years in fact, he's one of my oldest online friends so I was excited with squee! :D

It was an excellent first meeting and I can only hope that more in the future will happen! I hope you had a good time too, Crantzling! :D

A day and a half left and then the weekend...I can make it!

... I hope.

As a side note, I would like to add as well I have posted my first fanfic challenge on my A Team Fanfic Community, if interested and are a part of the comm, feel free to participate!

More details here.
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So yeah! I started a Community! On A Team Fanfic...for those of you who know me, probably thought I might've started one to JD Dunne or something. (one day I will!) lol

But nooooo, this little series captured my heart with it's cracky goodness and awesomeness!

So, I give to you, my Community Pimp Post. :D

Hello all!

I am pimping out my [ profile] ateamfanfic Community here! It's brand new and waiting to be filled with fanfic and fanfic writers! :D We accept every kind of A Team fanfic from crossovers, to slash, to het, to h/c...etc! As long as it's labelled properly, we don't want to be scaring the masses away. ;)

So please, come and check the comm out, even if you don't write A Team fanfic! If you do write A Team fanfic, then what are you waiting for? The A Team fans need to be represented on lj for fanfic!

First person to post their fanfic on the comm will get a personalized A Team icon! Made by me ([ profile] sparrowwritings), your Mod!

*points finger* We need you to come and post your A Team Fanfic!


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