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Last Updated: December 03, 2010
What's Updated: - New fic in the Crossovers section, An American Werewolf in Denver
- Series Archive: Connor Temple: Wizard has two new fics added

If there are any links that don't work or go some place else, please let me know and I'll fix them. Thank you!

Bloodlines - Magnificent Seven: ATF/Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Chris Larabee wakes up to the world of the supernatural. Rituals, confusion and a son! WHAT?!
Series Archive here.

Connor Temple: Wizard - Primeval/Harry Potter(books/movies). You're a wizard Connor Temple.
Series Archive here.

Dollhouse Miami - Magnificent Seven: ATF/Dollhouse. While helping an old friend of Ezra's, JD Dunne and Ezra Standish find themselves entangled within the underground of human trafficking. Will the two escape as themselves? Or will they be lost within the confines of the mysterious organization known as the Dollhouse
Series Archive here.

Fragments - Magnificent Seven:ATF/The Who (bandom fic)/Doctor Who. JD Dunne wasn’t always JD Dunne; he used to be someone else.
Series Archive here.

gunXpen - Supernatural/Smallville. A series of stories centered on the amnesiac Sam Winchester and his meeting of Chloe Sullivan. And how they fell in love.
Series Archive here.

Hunter - Anita Blake/Buffy the Vampire Slayer. A series of drabbles of the various hunters entering the Anita Blake 'verse to hunt.
Series Archive here.

It's In His Kiss - Magnificent Seven: ATF. A series of drabbles chronicling the growing relationship between JD Dunne and Chris Larabee. m/m pairing here.
Series Archive here.

Peter and the Wolf - The Monkees. Peter has to deal with some new changes in his life and the rest of The Monkees get pulled along for the ride.
Series Archive here.

Reaper - Magnificent Seven:ATF/The Who (bandom)/Soul Eater. JD Dunne has always been considered an ordinary, normal, human. That is about to all change.
Series Archive here.

Second Chances - Magnificent Seven:ATF/The Who (bandom). When you dream it can seem real, but is reality only a dream? JD Dunne is soon to find out.
Series Archive here.

TARDIS Series-P(rototype) - The Monkees/Doctor Who. As long as he could remember, Peter dreamed of fire. He was now going to find out why.
Series Archive here.

Tire Tracks - Magnificent Seven:ATF/Highlander. A series of stories on the friendship of Richie Ryan and JD Dunne.
Series Archive here.

Voltage - Magnificent Seven:ATF/X-Men (movie). JD has a secret he’s hiding from the rest of Team Seven.
Series Archive here.

An American Werewolf in Denver - Magnificent Seven: ATF/An American Werewolf in London/Paris. JD Dunne undergoes some changes when attacked by a strange creature on a full moon night. Confused about what’s happening to him, can he trust Team Seven to help him through it all? Or will outside influences turn him against his friends and brothers.
Prologue // Part 1 // Part 2 // Part 3 // Part 4 // Part 5 // Part 6 // Part 7 // Part 8 // Part 9 // Part 10 // Part 11 // Epilogue

Five Times Murdock Crossed Over - A Team/Highlander/Supernatural/Dollhouse/The Sentinel/Mag7:ATF. Murdock from The A Team, crosses over in five different ‘verses.

A Chicago Cop in Denver - Mag7:ATF/Due South. Denver, a city of new beginnings. It is here that Ray Kowalski is starting his life over.

Little Red Riding Hood JD - Mag7:ATF/Various Fairy Tales. Alexa, Buck’s daughter, imagines her Uncle’s in the roles of various Fairy Tale people. Tonight, it’s Little Red Riding Hood.

Outsourced - Mag7:ATF/Doctor Who/Torchwood. JD Dunne had been with UNIT for three years now. But now they wanted him outsourced as a liaison to Torchwood 3 – which was where?!

Wizard - Mag7:ATF/The Dresden Files (book). In a world where the Supernatural is known, Wizards are met with suspicion. JD Dunne is one of these Wizards.

10, 000 Miles - Mag7:ATF/Due South. Companion piece to A Thousand Goodbyes. When watching the news one day before work, Vin’s thoughts turn to a certain Mountie he left behind.

Family Ties - Mag7:ATF/Harry Potter. Harry Potter finds family in Maude and Ezra Standish.

Shade of the Demon - Mag7:ATF/SPN. DAAAAAAAAAAAAARK FIC!!! CHARACTER DEATH AND TORTURE DESCRIBED IN MESSY VARIOUS WAYS!! BEWAREE BEFORE READING!!! BEWARE!!!11!!!! A demon possessing JD goes on a killing spree – it’s target, Team Seven.

Sanguine Lineage - Mag7:ATF/Dracula. What will Team Seven do when one of their adversaries is granted with power from an ancient source. Part 1 // Part 2 // Part 3.

No More Pizza Monkey - Mag7:ATF/Attack of the Killer Tomatoes. The local pizza store, Donatos is selling evil pizza attacking the citizens of Denver. No, really – EVIL PIZZA! Written as crack!fic to cheer up [ profile] strangevisitor7.

A Thousand Goodbyes - Due South/Mag7:ATF. Vin and Benton say goodbye.

In the Key of Time and Dimension - Doctor Who/Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Discovering yourself can be tricky business, even when you’re not looking for one’s self. It can be especially difficult when a man called The Doctor is involved.

Two Wild and Crazy Rogue Demon Hunters - Angel/SPN. John Winchester runs into an old acquiantance.

Night Time Crossing - Harry Potter/SPN. Dean, while hunting, comes across a young man killing a werewolf. Much more than stories are exchanged. m/m pairing.

Commercial Follies - X-Men (comics)/Commercials. Various commercials are acted out by the X-Men.
Whazzzzzup! // Allergies? What Allergies?
I only wrote two stories in this series, so I put the links here.

Catfish - Sahara (movie)/Anita Blake. Al Giordino visits his cousin Jason in St. Louis, unaware that something stalks him in the night.
Getting To Know You Again. Only story in this series at the moment.

The Past Remembers - X-Men (comicverse/movieverse) Round Robin. Logan finds out that sometimes, the past catches up with you.

The Perfect Weapon - X-Men (comicverse/movieverse) Round Robin. Sequel to The Past Remembers. Logan's recaptured by Project X.

The Past Revisited - X-Men (comicverse/movieverse) Round Robin. Sequel to The Perfect Weapon. Ogun comes back to haunt Logan, in the form of Jubilee.


Gemini - Primeval. An accident with a piece of technology from the future has Connor seeing double. *WARNING* NC-17 Fic!!!

Here Comes Murdock Cottontail - A Team. Face goes to pick up Murdock from the VA and finds an infestation instead.

Behind Blue Eyes - Highlander. Fitz reminisces with a bottle of whisky about a lost love.

Oo-De-Lally! - The Who (bandom). Keith Moon is bored and when he gets bored, watch out!

And The Wind Cries Mary - Supernatural. A What If look at Mary Winchester.

The Trouble With Metor Rocks - Smallville. Chloe explains to Oliver, Victor and AC about how Clark is 'allergic' to meteor rocks. 'Missing Scene for Justice'.

Possession - One Piece. Luffy is in trouble when he is captured by a woman called Belladonna. Shanks, along with the Straw Hat Pirate crew have to go and rescue Luffy.
Part 1 // Part 2 // TBA

The Morning After - Numb3rs. It’s the morning after from Changes, Or Not and Colby is wondering where to go from here.

Minimum Respect - X-Men Comics. A figure pays it's respect to Scott Summers grave. (AN: This is when Scott merged with Apocalypse and everyone thought he was dead.)

Back to Mojo: Jubilee Style! - X-Men Comics. A 'What If' story, that focuses on Jubilee and Wolverine.

It's My Life - X-Men Comics. Jubilee is angsting over her room burning and Ev's death when she hears a song.
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