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You know, when you're scanning documents for work, it helps to press the scan button instead of staring at the machine and wondering why it isn't working.

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I get a phone call today, letting me know that the item i preordered a couple of months ago is finally in. It was supposed to be in last week, but there was a shipping order error and they said it would be here 1-3 weeks.

I'm fine with that, I can wait.

Finally got the phone call today and I thought I'd be getting my keytar and rock band 3 game.

This was not so.

I get there, show them my recipt and find out they only had 2 keytars come in, they sold the last one just before I came in to a guy who had 'cancelled' his order and the customer service person read it wrong and ended up selling it instead. Right, thank you very much Gamestop. You fail like Fail Future Shop.

I also find out, the person who i dealt with for the preordering, did my order wrong and I had just bought the keytar and not the keytar with the game which is what I requested and asked her several times if that was the bundle I ordered. I was told each time, yes.

Since then, she has been fired because of her 'mistakes', I ended up dealing with the manager over all of this. So what i asked for is being honored, I just have to wait for the bundle to come in, I also found out that harmonix, the company who makes rock band, there has been a ton of errors going on with the game release launch.

The only thing is, I'm getting a discount, but i have to pay for the game I thought I bought before. But not the keytar.

I was just really pissed off and upset with the entire thing, that I pretty much just agreed to it all and left the store because I didn't want to cause a scene or end up throwing something or crying. I was really upset.

I might end up going back tomorrow with my sister and get this dealt with properly.

My dad, who is president of the rugby park here, said I can bury any bodies that might turn up at the rugby field, but make sure I bury them near the treeline.


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