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Okay, there will be spoilers in this post under the LJ Cut.

My friend got passes to IMAX to see the first several minutes of the new Batman Film: The Dark Knight Rises.

So, once again, there will be spoilers under the LJ Cut as I remember the first little bit.

- it opened with Gordon at Harvey Dent's Funeral, saying a few things and saying how he missed Harvey and the man he was and everyone was lucky to know him
- it faded to black and then we were shown a truck/jeep/SUV with men in the back holding guns against three men with hoods over their heads
- we arrive at a airplane and field with a guy who introduces himself as a CIA agent
- the men in the jeep were transporting a Doctor (Dr. Pavlock, I think?) and the three men in the hoods were sent 'by the man in the mask'
- the CIA agent hisses out 'Bane'
- the Doctor is transported into the airplane and they take off
- The CIA agent is now questioning the three men in the black hoods, asking who will talk first
- he opened the plane door, it's a small plane and they're not high enough, and him and his men pulled one of the bad guys near the door and hold him near the opening, quesitoning him
- when that does work, he shoots him near his ear and tells the others 'one down, two to go'
- same thing is repeated to the second guy
- the third guy then starts doing his Darth Vader impersonation and the hood is pulled off to reveal BANE!!! OMG!! Hi TOM HARDY!!
- I think my only complaint with Bane is it's hard to understand him with the mask on, it was like listening to the teachers from the Peanut cartoons with a side of the Darth Vader respirator
- then the CIA guy is all 'you wanted to get captured? boy are you dumb' kinda taunting
- you can tell Bane is smirking behind his mask and then you hear him clearly, 'Yes'. He breaks out of his restraints and starts taking out the military guys
- The doctor Pavlock guy is cowering in his chair
- we now cut to outside of the plane, there is a bigger plane above the little plane
- four guys rappel out and shoot through the windows of the little plane, take out the military guys Bane didn't and then hook on magnetic clamps onto the little plane and a bomb
- the bigger plane then starts rising and the cords start cutting off the wings of the little plane and it's suspended in the air, with the nose pointing at the ground
- the end is blown off and the four guys go into the little plane with a big body bag
- and there is a body in the bag, I'm guessing it's supposed to be the doctor guy for when the smaller plane crashes or something
- but then they're hooking up IV's to the guy in the body bag from the Doctor and blood is being transfered, huh?!!?
- the guy wakes up and you can just tell he's a bit crazy when he asks 'is it time for the fire?'
- Bane goes 'not yet' and the guy settles back down into the seat.
- Bane hits a remote control and the plane falls away from them, they're hooked into harnses and the little plane crashes to the ground
- Bane and the doctor are now being pulled into the larger plane
- I'm not sure what happened to the four other guys that rescued Bane, they either went down with the little plane or they are back in the bigger plane

- then we get a few scenes from the movie
- one is Batman holding a gun in the rain
- a scene of the police force running in the streets against another force, I'm guessing Bane's guys
- a scene of Catwoman and might I add the costume is looking awesome!
- there's another scene of a hand holding a broken batman mask in the rain, in the batman cave (I think)
- a shot of Joseph Gorden-Levitt's character running down a stairwell, looking back and pushing a door open, holding a gun
- then there's a scene of Selina Kyle in an orange jump suit

I'm sure I'm missing a few things, but that's the best I can remember. What little I saw, looks absolutely amazing! I can't wait to see it!
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