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[ profile] anoneknewmoose just did this great MCR Primer, here.

Definately check it out! It's updated, has current information and is a great read!
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Title: When I Come Home
Author: Sparrow
Fandom: My Chemical Romance and Doctor Who
Characters: Bob Bryar, Brian Schechter, Mikey Way, Gerard Way, Frank Iero, Ray Toro, Mike Pedicone
Rating: 14A
Disclaimer: I do not own anyone, don’t Google yourself. Title of the story ‘When I Come Home’ belongs to the band ‘Blue-Eyed Son.’
Word Count: 18,918
Warnings: minor character death, alien possession, puking, minor violence with tranquilizer guns, swearing
Summary: It takes a fob watch and a TARDIS for Bob Bryar to put his life together. A life he had forgotten was now reclaimed. He’s taken for a wild ride with Brian at his side as he tries to save the friends he thought were lost to him. Being an alien isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.
Author's Notes: First off, I just want to thank [ profile] laine89 and [ profile] akire_yta for the fantastic beta’s and me flailing at them in emails and comments. They’ve been absolutely wonderful! This was written for the 2011 [ profile] bandombigbang

PART 1 // PART 2 // PART 3 // PART 4


Artwork by [ profile] undeny

Journeyman by [ profile] thebunnyknows
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Every Friday post up to a max of 5 fics you want to rec once a week. Give links to the story, links to the author, a summary and a short blurb of why you recommend the fanfic to your friends.

So, I owe a lot of fic recs here. lol

The last little while has been crazy, so I hope this makes it up to everyone and I must warn you, I seem to be in a bandom kinda mode so lots of bandom fic recs. Because anything can happen in Bandom! As these recs will demonstrate.

If this type of fanfic is not your cup of tea, feel free to not read the rest, but I do post other fanfics and make a list of fandoms of the fics I rec.

Fandoms/bandoms included in this post: My Chemical Romance, Being Human, Spice Girls, Killjoys 'verse, Fallout Boy

Fandom Friday Fic Rec #4 )


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