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Title: Christmas Time in the City
Author: Sparrow
Recipient: [ profile] mayqueen517
Fandom: Disney RPF, Bandom, Skippy
Characters: Mike Carden, Kevin Jonas, Bill Beckett, Ryan Ross. Mike/Kevin pairing
Rating: PG13
Disclaimer/Warnings: a guy about to be mugged
Summary: Mike has been stalking the cute busker for a few weeks now and still isn’t any closer to talking to him. An encounter almost ruins his chances for ever talking to the guy, but a second chance is given due to unexpected friends.
Prompt: 1.) I love any and all conversations in fic. I love frank conversations about the issues of a real relationship. I would love any and all kind of conversations about sex and Kevin's problems (or lack thereof) about it.
2.) I also love crossovers and I am super duper into superpowered Kevin and Mike! Or ooh, Mike the X-man (of a sort) and Kevin the one without or something. Basically: MUTANT AU, PLZ?
3.) Most of all, I would absolutely love a faily awkward, but still pretty great, view into the two of them attempting to talk about how Mike loves biting and Kevin has kind of a pain kink. Or something of that nature. :-D
Author Note: Written for the 2011 [ profile] sodamnskippy xmas fic exchange, I hope what I wrote you like mayqueen. :) I tried to actually combine all three prompts, but I could only fit in the second prompt with a little bit of the first. I just wanted to thank [ profile] laine89 for the wonderful beta and I hope everyone else who reads the fic enjoys it as well. I also made bonus content!

FANMIX: If Music Be The Food Of Love, Play On

Fic Here.
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