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Dec. 4th, 2011 06:49 pm
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The month of November has come and gone and so has [ profile] mini_nanowrimo. :(

But I had a great year this year! I upped my word count from 100 words to 300 words and I surpassed my goal!

Daily Word Total Goal: 300 words
Total Words Written: 44090 words

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So another year in [ profile] mini_nanowrimo and completed!

As show above by the banner I wrote every day and met my word count too. :D

200 words a day and meeting beyond it, I think I did very well.

Complete Count: 24, 847 words
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And I've come to the end of another [ profile] mini_nanowrimo year and I do believe I rocked it. :D Booyah people, booyah.

Wrap-up post to follow in a few days with a total word count. :D

Day 30 Word Count: 1593 words
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One more day and mininano will be over. :(

Day 29 Word Count: 561 words
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All I can say is this bunny hit me out of the blue and I finished it in like an hour...O.o

Day 28 Word Count: 1799 words
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Slowly chugging away here!

Day 27 Word Count: 336 words
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4 more days to go! Go me!!

Day 26 Word Count: 451 words
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The month is almost over, but one month until Christmas! :D

Day 25 Word Count: 412 words
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The new story is shaping up nicely! That's all I will say. ;)

Day 24 Word Count: 583 words
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One more week to go in has really flown by!

Day 23 Word Count: 523 words
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Wow, 8 more days and mininano is over...where has the month gone? O.o

Day 22 Word Count: 411 words
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Its been a sucky day and getting some writing done really helped me out.

Day 21 Word Count: 375 words
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Organizing things for the big day tomorrow! And still plenty to do! I'll be sad to see the bigbang end, but it'll also be a relief. lol

Day 20 Word Count: 752 words!
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So my plan to not nap when I got home didn't work out. I just kinda fell into bed. T.T Still am sleepy and feeling exhausted. But food first and then I can hopefully get some work done and then back to sleep.

Day 19 Word Count: 475 words
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It's been a long week, been working overtime all this week at work and while yay for extra monies, boo on the tiredness! I'm just gonna curl up under my cubicle and sleep.

And it's not going to be a fun drive home as we finally got snow over here, there shall be pics later on to 'shock' my austrailan friends. :D Can I have your winter weather instead of this one? Please?

All I can say, it was oh so much fun to scrape snow and ice off of my car this morning on my way to work.

And I haz modly type things to do, but oh so tired and I think I'm a little burned out from mininano so far, but I am pushing through. My plan for when I get home is not to nap, get mod stuff out of the way, write some more and then maybe play a video game. Do something different. :)

I recently got Assassins's Creed Brotherhood and the multiplayer is awesomesauce! *sneaksneak* STAB! You're assigned targets and then you hunt them down in the crowd and kill them. :D
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Not as high as yesterday, but considering I think I'm a little burned out, that's pretty awesome. :D

Day 18 Word Count: 386 words
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Well, mininano is still going strong and it's helped me finished off a major fic! Yay! Still got a couple of fics that I am slowly going through after the beta sent to me but right now...I'm a little confused as what I should write next.

You the people decide and I shall do my best to accomadate! \o/

[Poll #1645928]
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Day 17 Word Count: 1915 words
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BOOYAH! Almost done too! Big battle scene and then epilogue! Hopefully I can get the big battle scene done after my shower. :D

Day 16 Word Count: 1524 words
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Halfway point of mininano! \o/ Whoot!

Still not as many words as I hoped, but I'm going strong!

Day 15 Word Count: 420 words


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